MIT Computational Biology Group Pictures

GigaPan Panoramas (Apr 2011)

(Click picture to enter Stata Courtyard 360 sphere)
Standing: Ben, Dave, Sushmita, Daniel, Irwin, Ben (again), Luke, Manolis, Mike, Jason, Ben (x3), Soheil, Dave (again), Rachel, Manolis (again), Mukul, Stefan, Bob, Pouya, Mike (again), Pouya (again), Luke (again), Daniel (again), Loyal, Mukul (again), Soheil (again), Bob (again), Chris, Stefan (again), Manolis (x3), Luisa, Angela, Irwin (again), Jessica, Sushmita (again), Manolis (x4), Jason (again), Rachel (again), Sitting: Bob (x3), Stefan (x3), Luisa (again), Angela (again), Jessica (again), Loyal (again), Chris (again), Daniel (x3), Luisa (x3), Manolis (x5), Angela (x3), Irwin (x3), Sushmita (x3), Jessica (x3), Rachel (x3), Ben (x4), Jason (x3), Dave (x3), Mike (x3), Luke (x3), Daniel (x4), Loyal (x3), Pouya (x3), Mukul (x3), Soheil (x3), Chris (x3). (Yes, there are only 20 of us, not 64 - 5 Manolis, 4 Ben's & Daniel's, 3 of everyone else)

(Click picture to enter Stata Center 360 sphere)
From left: Jason, Pouya, Jessica, Irwin, Rachel, Bob, Ben, Manolis, Mukul, Chris, Dave, Loyal, Sushmita, Luisa, Daniel, Soheil, Mike, Irwin, Stefan, Ben, Soheil, Jason, Manolis, Luke, Angela (click to see Mike).
Enjoy 360 spheres? See also our first attempt in Manolis' office and our latest in Manolis' Living Room.

Thanksgiving Dinner - November 2019

Back: Manolis, Lei, Na, Michael, Guest, Sam, Andrew, Austin, Shahin, baby, Li-Lun, Yongjin, Leandro, Maria
Front: Xushen, Guest, Elvira, Khoi, Jackie, guest, boy
Pic2 only: Patty
(Google photos album)

Foliage Outing Blue Hills - October 2019

Back: Dianbo, Irwin, Guest, Elvira, Manolis, Sam, Kid, Suvi, Asa, Leandro
Front: Julio, Remy, Khoi, Guest, Kids, Carles, Lucile
(Google photos album)

Endicott House Retreat - September 2019

(Google photos album)

Group BBQ - August 2019

(Google photos album)

Group BBQ - July 2019

(Google photos album)

Esplanade Outing - May 2019

(Google photos album)

Group Photo - May 2019

(Google photos album)

Kellis-Tsai Joint Lab Celebration - April 2019

(Google photos album)

BBQ Cookout - August 2018

(Google photos album)

Esplanade Outing - August 2018

(Google photos album)

Holiday Party - December 2017

(Google photos album)

Stefan Paperpile Visit - April 2017
(Google photos album)

Abhishek Thesis Defense - March 2017
(Google photos album)

Sushi Gathering - February 2017

(Google photos album)

Lab Retreat - February 2017

(Google photos album)

Holiday Party - December 2016

(Google photos album)

Foliage Outing Breakheart Reservation - October 2016

(Google photos album)

Roofdeck Gathering - September 2016

(Google photos album)

Walden Pond Outing - July 2016

(Google photos album)

Memorial Day BBQ - May 2016

(Google photos album)

Holiday Party - December 2015

Back: Lucile, Mike, Wouter, Batula, Richard, Eva, Yu-Ping, Je-Yoel, Khoi, Manolis, Zhizhuo, Max, Andreas.
Front: Carles, Luis, Yongjin, Yaping, Li. Google Photos

Thanksgiving Dinner - November 2015

Sabrina, Sarah, Je-Yoel, Angela, Gabe, Mary, Lucile, Manolis, Alkes Price, Megan. Google Photos

Blue Hills Folliage Hike - November 2015

Yaping, Li, Sabrina, Yue, Batula, Max, Manolis, Lucile Google Photos

Folliage group picture - October 2015

Back: Je-Yoel, Xinchen, Thomas, Yongjin, Yue, Irwin, Max, Alvin, Carles, Sabrina, Wouter, Florin, Khoi, Andreas, Zhizhuo, Li, Sarah, Yu-Ping, Yaping.
Front: Abhishek, Eva, Robert, Batula, Kunal, Angela, Dinesh.

Walden Pond Outing - September 2015

Je-Yoel, Sophie, Yongjin, Aurora, Max, Yu-Ping, Lucile, Manolis, Apas, Florin, Zhizhuo, Irwin, Batula, Li, Melina, Federico, Bob, Yue, Melissa, Alon.
(all pics) Google Photos

MPG presentation - September 2015
Google Photos

CBC Outing - August 2015

Batula, Yaping, Khoi, Dinesh, Bob, Zhizhuo, Yue, Luis, Apas, Florin, Manolis, Max, Abhishek, Mike, Andreas.
(all pics) Google Photos

Pouya Tracy Wedding - June 2016

Lucile, Jessica, Bob, Jenn, Matt, Manolis, Jason, Gerald. Gerald, Bob, Pouya, Manolis, Matt, Luis.

MIT Boathouse Gathering - May 2015

Standing: Lucile, Richard, Abhishek, Yue, Eva, Thomas, Andreas, Wouter, Melina, Bob.
Sitting: Manolis, Khoi, Angela, Zhizhuo, Yaping, Dinesh, Jenn.
(all pics) Google Photos

CBC Roadmap celebration - February 2015

Khoi, Mike, Wouter, Hanna, Soheil, Melina, Gerald, Manolis, Lucile, Yue, Zhizhuo, Jianrong.
(all pics) (Google Photos link)

Holiday Party - December 2014

Back: Petr, Tracy, Joy, Elinor, Melina, Elisabeth, Liza, Wouter, Angela, Gabe, Manolis, Max, Jianrong, SOheil, Gerald, Xinchen, Yaping, Mike.
Front: Pouya, Thomas, Alon, Eva, Kathleen, Melissa, Cosmas, Kristin. Google Photos

Robert Waterhouse Goodbye - December 2014

Eva, Gerald, Irwin, Bob, Max, Khoi, Petr, Yaping, Wouter, Zhizhuo, Jianrong, Yongjin, Andreas, Hanna, Pouya, Xinchen, Ah-Ram. Couch: Dinesh, Manolis, Robert, Angela.

Blue Hills Folliage Hike - November 2014

(all pics)
Dinesh, Zhizhuo, Manolis, Lucile, Khoi, Yongjin, Andreas, Jianrong, Wouter, Irwin, Joy, Liza, Max, Luis. Google Photos

Outdoors Lab Meeting - October 2014

Ah-Ram, Irwin, Jianrong, Joy, Robert, Mike, Yu-Ping, Khoi, Hanna, Andreas, Max, Manolis, Zhizhuo, Wouter, Yaping, Petr Volkov, Pouya, Richard, Dinesh, Eva, Bob.

CBC outing - September 2014

Lucile, Dinesh, Richard, Pouya, Tracy, Khoi, Max, Jessica, Xinchen, Wouter, Angela, Gabe, Robert, Jianrong, Zhizhuo, Gerald, Bob, Hanna, Manolis.

Walden Pond Outing - August 2014

Rachel, Melina, Pouya, Tracy, Max, Jessica, Manolis, Lucile.

Lab Photo - June 2014

Top: Manolis, Ron, Mike G, Ah-Ram, Hayden, Xinchen, Richard, Joy, Zhizhuo, Wouter, Irwin, Max, Melina, Eva, Gerald. Middle: Bob, Luis, Hanna, Andreas, Yongjin, Jianrong. Bottom: Soheil, Pouya, Jessica, Luke, Angela, Dinesh.

Memorial Day BBQ - May 2014

Mike G, Robert, Jesse Gray, Zhizhuo, Abhishek, Xinchen, Nezar, Yongjin, Ah-Ram, Jianrong, Yaniv Erlich, Jessica, Tracy, Max, Pouya.
(all pics) Google Photos

Birthday Cake - March 2014

Top: Ron, Pouya, Ah-Ram, Jianrong, Luke, Bob, Richard, Zhizhuo, Wouter, Khoi, Xinchen.
Couch: Jianrong, Angela, Andreas, Gerald, Manolis, Jessica, Robert, Abhishek.

Lab Reunion - November 2013

Soheil, Pouya, Matt R, Richard, Jason, Jianrong, Anshul, Gerald, Luke, Jessica, Rachel, Mike, Lucile, Manolis.

Fells Reservating Folliage Hike - October 2013

Manolis, Lucile, Ah-Ram, Gerald, Bob, Choon, Rachel, Jessica, Soheil.
(all pics) Google Photos

Jamaica Pond Bike Trip - August 2013

Matt, Wouter, Hilary, Liza, Jessica, Hayden, Gerald, Max, Manolis, Lucile, Eva, Irwin, Orit.
(all pics) Google Photos

CBC outing - May 2013

Rachel, Nalini, Abhishek, Xinchen, Gerald, Olivier, Ah-Ram, Abhishek, Jessica, Mariana.

Stata Reunion - April 2013

Top: Ricahrd, Jianrong, Gerald, Andreas, Bob, Matt E, Mukul.
Front: Matt R, Ah-Ram, Jessica, Angela, Manolis, Luke, Abhishek, Jason.

Stata Triple Celebration - February 2013

Couch: Ben, Bob, Jessica, Abhishek, Luke, Daniel, Soheil, Wouter, Angela, Pouya, Mukul, Robert, Sumaiya, Rachel.
Standing: Dave, Olivier, Jianrong, Orit, Mariana, Richard, Matt E, Matt R.

Holiday Party and Gift Exchange - December 2012

Stefan, Abhishek, Mary, Hilary, Matt, Jianrong, Dave, Lucile, Mukul, Olivier, Gerald, Soheil, Mariana, Jessica, Irwin, Max, Wouter Google Photos

Post-Thanksgiving Party - December 2012

Back: Christine, Ben, Jenn, Bob, Irwin, Daniel, Hilary, Matt, Andreas, Mukul, Tracy, Pouya, Jessica, Abhishek, Stefan, Andreas, Sushmita.
Front: Lucile, Maonlis, Eric, Luis, Jason, Luke, Mike, Soheil. Google Photos

Blue Hills Foliage - November 2012

Granite pic: Left to right, bottom to top: Max, Daniel, Julien, Xinchen; Melusina, Rachel, Mariana, Gerald, Ben; Jessica, Mukul, Dave; Wouter, Irwin, Angela, Gabe, Jianrong; Pouya, Soheil, Florence, Anshul, Nalini, Andreas, Mary, Lauren, Loyal; Olivier, Manolis, Lucile.
Forest pic: Standing: Lucile, Manolis, Florence, Olivier, Soheil, Davae, Gerald, Irwin, Jianrong, Ben, Rachel, Xinchen, Loyal, Julien, Lauren, Max, Wouter, Anshul, Andreas, Jessica, Pouya, Soheil, Mukul, Melusina, Mary, Mariana. Seated: Gabe, Christine, Bob, Jenn, Nalini. (Picasa album)

Esplanade Volleyball - October 2012

Standing, from left: Mike, Lynn, Olivier, Mukul, Andreas, Max, Mariana, Jianrong, Matt, Jessica, Luis, Pouya, Hillary, Matt. Seated: Manolis, Lucile, Irwin. (Picasa album)

Walden Pond Swim - August 2012

From left: Daniel, Hillary, Matt, Irwin, Jessica, Manolis, Jonathan, Lucile, Bob, Jenn, Mariana, Manasi. (Picasa album)

Roofdeck Gathering - August 2012
(Google photos album)

Summer Roofdeck BBQ - August 2011

Summer Group Pic - August 2012

Group pics around MIT and the Boathouse. (Picasa album) Google Photos (wrong link)

ENCODE at MIT - May 2012

ENCODE Analysis Working Group (AWG) and Principle Investigator (PI) meeting at MIT. (Picasa album)

Esplanade Spring Outing - May 2012

Standing: Manolis, Gerald, Nalini, Anshul, Max, Matt, Stefan, Hilary, Lauren, Lucile, Amy, Loyal, Pouya.
In Kayak: Rachel, Jessica. (Picasa album) Google Photos

Manoli's Jade Birthday - May 2012

Kellis Lab and friends celebrating Manoli's 35th anniversaire. (Picasa album)

CSHL Biology of Genomes - May 2012
Google Photos

BDMA in Santa Monica - January 2012

Manolis and Ziv sending Jason off to his faculty job at UCLA. (Picasa album)

Niki Award - December 2011

Pictures from the Niki Award Ceremony and Alumni Presentation.

Thanksgiving Lunch - November 2011

Around living room, back row: Christine, Ben, Jenn, Bob, Irwin, Daniel, Hillary, Bryan, Matt, Andreas, Mukul, Tracy, Pouya, Jessica's sis, Jessica, Abhishek, Stefan, Andreas, Sushmita.
Around living room, front row: Lucile, Manolis, Eric, Kai, Luis, Jason, Luke, Mike, Soheil.
Roofdeck back row: Eric, Alon, Melissa, Luis, Jason, Daniel, Andreas, Matt, Hillary, Abhishek, Muukl, Jenn, Andreas, Bob, Pouya, Luke. Roofdeck front row: Manolis, Lucile, Yaniv, +2, Mike, Mukul, Irwin, Shamil, Sushmita, Christine, Jessica's sis, Tracy, Jessica (Picasa album) Google Photos

Blue Hills Hike - November 2011

On rocks: Back row: Irwin, Jason, Matt, Hillary. Front: Remy (woof), Bob, Jenn, Mukul, Jessica, Manolis, Lucile.
With view: Irwin, Jenn, Bob, Matt, Jessica, Hillary, Manolis, Jason, Mukul. (View Geotagged Picasa album)

Stata Center Folliage - October 2011

Top row: Daniel Marbach, Ben Holmes, Manolis Kellis. Standing: Jessica Wu, Deniz Yorukoglu, Luke Ward, Pouya Kheradpour, Jason Ernst, Bob Altshuler, Jonas Paulsen, Irwin Jungreis, Dave Hendrix, Soheil Feizi, Chris Bristow, Abhishek Sarkar, Stefan Washietl, Mukul Bansal.

Memorial Day BBQ - May 2011

Left to right: Soheil, Muriel, Pardis, John, Phil, Or, Matt, Luis, Xin, Erik, Luke, Bob, Jen, Alon, Melissa, Srini, Matt, Lochan, Dave, Hillary, Christine, Ben, Rushil, Jason, Emmy, Jessica, Manuel. Seated: Lucile and Manolis.
Indoors: Luke, Gabe, Dave, Jason, Angela, Xin, Matt, Jenn, Bob, Luis, Lucile, Pouya, Tracy, Emmy, Jessica, Manolis. (Picasa Album).

Stata Center - April 2011

Top: Mike, Angela, Ben, Soheil, Luke, Bob, Mukul Chris
Middle: Manolis, Jason, Jessica, Luisa, Irwin, Daniel, Rachel, Pouya, Stefan
Bottom: Sushmita, Dave, Loyal

Spring BBQ - April 2011

Left pic: Luis, Jenn, Bob, Lucile, Luke, Manolis, Soheil, Rachel, Grem, Stefan, Christine, Rushil, Mukul, Ben, Angela, Dave, Pouya.
Right pic: Mukul, Luke, Soheil, Ben, Christine, Rachel, Grem, Bob, Luis, Jessica, Stefan, Emmy, Jenn, Rushil, Dave, Angela, Pouya, Manolis, Lucile.
(all pics) Google Photos

Birthday Celebration - March 2011
Google Photos

Thanksgiving Dinner - Nov 2010

Top row: David, Jenn, Bob, Lucile, Manolis, Tracy, Pouya, Stefan, Rafal.
Bottom row: Dani, Stephan, Jessica, Jason, Patrick, Luisa.

Regulatory Genomics - Nov 2010

Joint meeting on Regulatory Genomics, Systems Biology, and DREAM4 in Columbia, New York. Manolis Kellis, Andrea Califano, and our 350 closest friends

Foliage Hiking Trip in Blue Hills - Oct 2010

Top row: Manolis, Irwin, Stefan, Luke, Jason, Ben, Bob, Matt.
Bottom row: Rachel, Luisa, Jessica.

Matt's Wedding - Oct 2010

Pouya, Matt, Manolis, Mike.

Wouter farewell at CBC

Back row: Daniel, Saskia, Stefan, Bob, Wouter, Luke. Front row: Angela, Pouya, Mike, Patrick, Chris, Jessica, Sushmita. Right picture: Luke, Wouter, Angela, Pouya.

Whitewater Rafting Trip - Aug 2010

Sushmita, Bob, Jenn, Patrick, Guide, Luke, Luisa, Loyal, Ferhat, Manolis, Rafal, Lucile, brother, Irwin, guest, Daniel, Jessica, Jason, guest, David, Wouter, guest.
Google Photos
Top Row: David, Daniel, Jason, Loyal, Bob, Stefan, Ferhat, Wouter, Luke.
Bottom Row: Manolis, Patrick, Sushmita, Jessica, Luisa, Irwin.

Fourth of July Fireworks - Jul 2010

Wouter, Mark, Manolis, Lucile, Guest, Leslie, Jessica, Guest.

ISMB 2010 roofdeck BBQ - Jun 2010

Roofdeck BBQ for group and friends at ISMB2010.

Kellislab BBQ celebrating Matt's thesis defense - Jun 2010

Top row: Lucile, Manolis, Guest, Rogerio, Chris, Sushmita, Ann, Jason, David, Patrick, Pouya, Jason, Guest, Irwin, Loyal, Bob, Mike, Stefan, Ferhat, Jessica, Guest.
Bottom row: Matt's mom, Matt, Xin, Matt's dad. Google Photos

NIH Epigenomics Roadmap Steering Committee Meeting - May 2010

Manolis, Jason, Brad, Noam, and our Epigenomics Roadmap colleagues.
(all pics)

modENCODE Analysis Working Group - December 2009

Manolis, Jason, Daniel, Chris, Stefan, Pouya, and friends from modENCODE.
(all pics)

RECOMB Regulatory Genomics, Systems Biology, DREAM - December 2009

Manolis and 500 of our closest friends at the Regulatory Genomics meeting. Google Photos

Canoe Trip in Ipswich River - Sept 2009

Top row: Manolis, Matt E, Loyal, Rogerio, Anna, Chris, Celine, Stefan, Saba, Pouya, Adrian, Monica.
Bottom row: Jason, Irwin, Jessica, Rachel, Lucile.
(all pics)

Group Picture Stata Center - June 2009

Left to right: Pouya, Mike, Jason, Loyal, Rogerio, Chris, Jessica, Tom, Rachel, Matt, Manolis.
(all pics) Google Photos

BU Bioinformatics Symposium - June 2009

Manolis and students of the BU bioinformatics program.
(all pics)

MBI Drosophila Workshop - June 2009

Manolis and colleagues at the MBI workshop on Mathematical Modeling of Drosophila Development.
(all pics)

Memorial Day BBQ - May 2009

Left to right: Matt, Xin, Pouya, Rogerio, Rachel, Lauren, Loyal, Lucile, Manolis, Jason, Mike.
(all pics)

Manoli's 100,000th Binary Birthay - March 2009

RECOMB Regulatory Genomics, Systems Biology, DREAM 2008 - November 2008
Google Photos

Thanksgiving Dinner - November 2008

Pic 1: Left to right: Rogerio, Anna, Pouya, Matt, Bryant, Jason, Loyal, Lauren, Rachel, Lucile, Manolis.
Pic 2: Left to right: Lamb, Yams, Pork Roti, Bread, Vegetarian Pizza, Roasted Potatoes, Greek Salad, Turkey.

Hiking the Blue Hills with Gates tower floor 8 (aka. G8 summit) - October 2008

Manolis, Pouya, Jason, Rachel, Lucile, Arvind, Geeta, and Friends from G8.
(all pics)

Canadian Thanksgiving - October 2008

Pic1 Left to right: Lucile, Matt, Bryant, Rogerio, Celine, Chris, Pouya, Jason, Rachel, Lauren, Loyal.
Pic2 Left to right: Mike, Rachel, Lauren, Celine, Chris, Matt, Pouya, Bryant, Jason, Rogerio, Manolis, Lucile.

Farewell BBQ for Alex - August 2008

Pic1 Back row: Rogerio, Anna, Manolis, Lucile, Celine, Chris, Steven, Matt, Pouya.
Pic1 Front row: Joshua, Rachel, Lena, Alex.
Pic2: Bryant+1, Chris, Rogerio, Mitch, Pouya, Manuel, Manolis, Alex, Rachel, Or, Jason, Mike, Lucile.

Group Dinner - Nov 2007

Top row: Manolis, Pouya, Matt, Erez, Leo, Alex, Ameya.
Sitting: Mike, Aviva, Yuliya, Laurie.

Hiking Trip to Monadnock Mountain - Nov 2007

Pic1 Left to right: Pouya, Alex, Manolis.
Pic2 Left to right: Alex, Manolis, Brigite, Stalo, Pouya.

Beach Trip to Crane's - Oct 2007

Left to right: Sarah, Pouya, Issao, Manolis, Amy, Jann, Gerry, Simone.

Sailing Trip to Lovell Island - July 2006

Pic1 Left to right: Ameya, Radek, Manolis, Alex, Lena, Mike.
Pic2 Left to right: Mike, Radek, Alex, Lena, Manolis, Pouya.

(all pics)

Roofdeck Peking Duck - May 2006

Pic1 Left to right: Ameya, Gergana, Pouya, Grace, Lena, Jessica, Leo, Xin, Eric, Matt, Lori, David, Alex, Mike. Pic2 Left to right: Pouya, Ameya, Lena, Manolis, Alex, Mike, Leo, Matt, Xin, Grace.

Mike and Matt's graduation - June 2005

Pic1 Left to right: Mike's dad, Leo, Matt's dad, Matt, Matt's mom and sis, Mike, Leo's family friends, Manolis.
Pic2 Left to right: Pouya, Matt, Matt's mom sister and dad, Manolis, Josh.
(See all graduation pics)