- People

Manolis Kellis
Associate Professor
Computational Biology

Where everyone sits: Stata D5

Postdoctoral associates and fellows

Luke Ward
Postdoc associate
(from Columbia)
Population (epi)genomics
(with Pardis Sabeti)
Matthew Eaton
Postdoc Associate
(from Duke)
Loyal Goff
Postdoc Fellow
(from Rutgers)
Small RNAs and Chromatin
(with John Rinn)
Ah-Ram Kim
Postdoctoral Associate
(from SUNY at Stony Brook)
Transcription Modeling &
Regulatory Genomics
Irwin Jungreis
Research Scientist
(from Harvard/Cornell)
Wouter Meuleman
Postdoctoral Associate
(from NKI, the Netherlands)
Eva Maria Novoa
Postdoctoral Fellow
(from IRB Barcelona, Spain)
RNA modifications
Jianrong Wang
Postdoc Associate
(from Georgia Tech)
Richard Cowper-Sal.lari
Postdoctoral Associate
(from Dartmouth)
Regulatory Genomics
Yongjin Park
(from JHU)
Network Integration
Gerald Quon
Postdoc Associate
(from Toronto)
Comparative genomics
Robert Waterhouse
Marie Curie Fellow
(from University of Geneva)
Comparative Genomics
Andreas Pfenning
Postdoc Associate
(from Duke)
Neuronal networks in disease
Pouya Kheradpour
(from MIT)
Regulatory Motifs
Zhizhuo Zhang
Postdoctoral Associate
(from NUS,Singapore)
Regulatory Grammars

Ph.D. Students

Soheil Feizi
Ph.D. student
with Muriel Medard
Regulatory Genomics
Xinchen Wang
Ph.D. student
Complex Disease Epigenomics
(with Laurie Boyer)
Abhishek Sarkar
Disease Genomics
Benjamin Iriarte
Ph.D. (Math)
Expression Variation
Rachel Sealfon
Ph.D. student
with Pardis Sabeti
Microbial Genomics
Jessica Wu
Ph.D. Student
Domain evolution
Luis Barrera
Regulatory Genomics
(with Martha Bulyk)
Hoon Cho
Ph.D. (EECS)
Regulatory models
Bob Altshuler
Angela Yen
Ph.D. (EECS)
Max Wolf
CSBi Ph.D.

Administrative Staff

Holly-Ann Paiva
Derek Aylward
Administrative Assistant

UROP students:

  • Eric Soderstrom, Summer 2011
  • Longzhi Tan, Summer 2011
  • Jennifer Wang, Summer 2011
  • Iris Xu, Summer 2011
  • Stephanie Chang, Fall 2011
  • Eric Soderstrom, Fall 2011
  • Longzhi Tan, Fall 2011
  • Jennifer Wang, Fall 2011
  • Haozhi Lin, Summer 2012
  • Hayden Metsky, Summer 2012

Group Alumni

Previous postdocs now in academia

Alex Stark
PostDoc (EMBL)
Networks in Fly
Jason Ernst
Postdoc Fellow
(from CMU)
Anshul Kundaje
(from Stanford)
Now: Faculty@Stanford
Olivier Jaillon
Research Scientist
Genome Evolution
Now: Faculty @ Genoscope
Stephan Ossowski
Postdoc Associate
(from Max Planck/Tubingen)
Disease Epigenomics
Mukul Bansal
Postdoc Associate
(from TAU)
(with Eric Alm)
Now: Faculty@U Conn
Daniel Marbach
Postdoc Fellow
(from EPFL Lausanne)
Biological Networks
Now: Postdoc@Zurich
Xiaohui Xie
Postdoctoral Fellow (Broad)
with Eric Lander
Fall 2004-2007
Human motifs
David Hendrix
Postdoc Associate
(from Berkeley)
Now: Faculty@Oregon State
Chris Bristow
Postdoc Fellow
(from Princeton)
Drosophila Regulation
Now:Institute Research Scientist@MD Anderson
Sushmita Roy
Postdoc Fellow
Evolution of Regulation
(with Aviv Regev)
Luisa Di Stefano
Scientific Manager
(from MGH)
Abdoulaye Diallo
Postdoc Associate
(from McGill)
Gene and Species Evolution
With Eric Alm
Patrick E. Meyer
Visiting Postdoc
(from ULB)
Biological networks

Previous postdocs now in industry

Stefan Washietl
Postdoc Fellow
(from EBI)
Long ncRNAs and structure
Now at: Startup
Matt Rasmussen
Grad Student/Postdoc
Mike Lin
Ph.D. student
Protein-coding genes and selection
Now: DNAnexus

Past students (Ph.D./M.Eng./M.S./UROP)

Joshua Grochow
M.Eng. student, Fall 2006-June 2007
Network motifs and evolution
Now at: U. Chicago
Aviva Presser
Ph.D. student (Harvard)
Network evolution
Erez Lieberman
Ph.D. student (Harvard)
Motif evolution
Ben Holmes
Regulatory Networks
(with Feng Zhang)
Ferhat Ay
Visiting Ph.D. student
(from UF)
Regulatory Networks
Mariana Mendoza
Network inference
(visiting student)
Leopold Parts
UROP student, Summer 2006
microRNA discovery
Now at: Sanger Center Ph.D. student
Issao Fujiwara
M.Eng. student
Evolutionary Signatures
Ameya Deoras
MS student, Fall 2006-June 2007
Spectral analyses of genomes
Now at: Mathworks
Rogerio Candeias
Ph.D. (Portugal)
Regulatory Networks
Tom Morgan
UROP student
Embryo Development
With Tommi Poggio
Wes Brown
Anna Ayuso
M.Eng. student
Drosophila Image Analysis

Past Rotation students

  • Will Gibson, HST
  • Sumaiya Nazeen, PhD student, MIT EECS, Human Evolution
  • Jonas Helfer, PhD student, MIT EECS, Regulatory Networks
  • Manasi Vartak, Ph.D., Medical Genomics, (with Sam Madden)
  • Yuliya Kodysh, UROP student, Fall 2006, Motif conservation in distant species, Now at: Broad Institute Jill Mesirov
  • Rushil Goel, Ph.D. student, Regulatory Networks
  • Deniz Yorukoglu, Ph.D., Population Genomics
  • Adrian Dalca, EECS Rotation student, Fall 2009
  • Matt Edwards, EECS Rotation student, Fall 2009
  • Giorgos Papachristoudis, Ph.D. student, EECS, Rotation student, Fall 2007
  • Bryan Gorman, Ph.D. student (Harvard), Network motifs
  • Steve Hershman, Rotation Student (HST), De novo signatures, Summer 2008

Past UROP students

  • Andy Lee - Exon-Associated Motifs
  • Tom Bellulovich - Network Motifs
  • Jonathon Spaulding - Protein Motifs
  • Huy Nguyen - Gene Identification
  • Anandh Swaminathan - Network algorithms
  • David Reshef, Spring 2005
  • Jonathan Campbell, Fall 2005
  • Yuliya Kodysh, Fall 2005
  • Thomas Belulovich, Summer 2006
  • Andrew Lee, Summer 2006
  • Huy Nguyen, Summer 2006
  • Jonathon Spaulding, Summer 2006
  • Lohith Kini, Fall 2006
  • Huy Nguyen, Fall 2006
  • Irene Kaplow, Summer 2007
  • Thomas Mildorf, IAP 2008
  • Thomas Morgan, Summer 2009
  • Anandh Swaminathan, Summer 2009
  • Thomas Morgan, Fall 2009
  • Angela Yen, IAP 2010
  • Thomas Morgan, Spring 2010
  • Stanislav Nikolov, Fall 2010
  • Stanislav Nikolov, Spring 2011
  • Jennifer Wang, Spring 2011

Thesis committee

  • Patrycja Missiuro (EECS, advisor: Tommi Jaakkola and Hui Ge), Genetic interactions
  • Oren Weimann (EECS, advisor: David Karger), DP in alignment and phylogenies
  • John Barnett (EECS, advisor: Tommi Jaakkola), Developmental processes
  • Luis Breva (EECS, advisor: Tommi Jaakkola), Market models of TF binding
  • Alex Tsankov (EECS, advisor: Aviv Regev, Oli Rando, David Gifford), evolution of nucleosome positioning
  • David Lawrence (CSBi, advisor: Eric Alm), Tree of Life
  • Sonia Timberlake (CSBi, advisor: Eric Alm), Environment and Evolution
  • Richard Koche (HST, advisor: Brad Bernstein), Motifs in Chromatin
  • Jesse Shapiro (Civil and Environmental Engineering, advisor: Eric Alm), Evolution with HGT
  • Xiuwei Zhang (EPFL, advisor: Bernard MOret), Regulatory network evolutionary inference
  • Anton Aboukhalil (Aero Astro, advisor: Martha Bulyk), Motifs and Grammars
  • James X Sun (HST, advisor: David Reich), Motifs and Grammars
  • Jessica Alston (HST, advisor: David Altshuler), Fine-mapping and functional testing non-coding variants
  • Vineeta Agarwala (HST, advisor: David Altshuler), GWAS