We seek to understand the mechanistic basis of human disease using a combination of computational and experimental techniques.

This involves developing methods for:

  • the systematic discovery and characterization of functional elements in the human genome
  • the discovery and validation of the gene-regulatory circuitry controlling these elements
  • the use of epigenomic information for annotating regulatory regions and their activity across different cell types
  • the use of comparative genomics for recognizing coding and non-coding regions of functional importance for evolutionary fitness

We work in a highly interdisciplinary environment at the interface of computer science and biology. Members of the group come from a primarily computational background and share a strong passion for understanding biological systems. We are engaged in several collaborative research partnerships with biological and experimental collaborators, at the Broad Institute, the ENCODE, modENCODE, GTEx, and Epigenomics Roadmap consortia, the Harvard Medical School, and other universities.

Lab Head - Manolis Kellis

Professor of Computer Science
Karl Van Tassel Career Development Chair

Presidential Early Career Award in Science and Engineering (PECASE), 2008
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Award, 2008
National Science Foundation Career Award, 2007
Karl Van Tassel Career Development Chair, 2007
Technology Review TR35 Top Young Innovators, 2006
Distinguished Alumnus 1964 Career Development Chair, 2005

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We are located on the 5th floor (D5) of MIT Stata Center, a truly unique building that stretches the imagination, and home of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL). We are just across Main Street from the Broad Institute, which boasts a unique collaborative environment for genomics, and we have weekly meetings in both institutions.


MIT Stata Center, 32D-524, 32 Vassar St, Cambridge, MA 02139
Administrative team: kellis-admin@mit.edu
D528 (Regulation Office): 617-253-6079
D526 (GWAS office): 617-715-4881
D524 (Manolis office): 617-253-2419
D516 (Networks office): 617-253-8170
D514 (QTL office): 617-324-8406
D512 (RNA/Epigenomics Office): 617-324-8439
D510 (Evolution office): 617-253-3434
D507 (Conference Room): 617-324-0419