Species Informed Distance-based Reconstruction
Matthew Rasmussen and Manolis Kellis
MIT CompBio Lab

Software Download

  • SPIDIR v0.6 (beta) and example data: spidir-0.6.tar.gz

    SPIDIR: Benchmarks and Evaluation

    Syntenic orthologs

    These datasets test the ability of SPIDIR and other phylogenetic methods to recover the correct gene tree (congruent to species tree) in one-to-one unambiguous syntenic orthologs. Gene trees are organized by chromosome: D. melanogaster chromosomes for fly alignments and S. cerevisiae chromosomes for fungi. For each chromosome, gene trees are listed in order of chromosomal location.

    Tree topologies are numbered T#, where # is the rank of topology frequency across all methods. Each dataset (9 flies, 12 flies, and 9 fungi) has its own topology numbering.


    All data presented on this website is also available for bulk download.