Presentation Type Presenter Name Abstract title Author Title, Affiliation
Manuscript Leonidas Alexopoulos Identifying Drug Effects via Pathway Alterations using an Integer Linear Programming Optimization Formulation on Phosphoproteomic Data Lecturer, National Technical University of Athens
Manuscript Ferhat Ay Scalable Steady State Analysis of Boolean Biological Regulatory Networks Research Assistant, University of Florida
Manuscript Tomer Benyamini Metabolic Flux Balance Analysis with Context-dependant Biomass Student, Tel Aviv University
Manuscript Christina Chan A dynamic analysis of IRS-PKR signaling in liver cells: a discrete modeling approach Professor, Michigan State University
Manuscript Önder Kartal Ground State Robustness as an Evolutionary Design Principle in Signaling Networks PhD Student, Max-Planck-Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology
Manuscript Hilal Kazan Learning the sequence and structure binding preferences of RNA-binding proteins from noisy affinity data PhD Student, University of Toronto
Manuscript Lucia Marucci How to turn a genetic circuit into a synthetic tunable oscillator, or a bistable switch.       Student, Fondazione Telethon - TIGEM
Manuscript Manikandan Narayanan Simultaneous clustering of multiple gene expression and physical interaction datasets  Sr. Research Scientist, Merck Research Labs
Manuscript Yongjin Park Dynamic networks from hierarchical Bayesian graph clustering Graduate Student, Johns Hopkins University
Manuscript Tal Peleg Network-free Inference of Knockout Effects in Yeast Student, Tel-Aviv Uinversity
Manuscript Theodore Perkins Estimating the Stochastic Bifurcation Structure of Cellular Networks Assistant Professor, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
Manuscript Xiaoning Qian Effective Identification of Conserved Pathways in Biological Networks Using Hidden Markov Models     Assistant Professor, University of South Florida
Manuscript Igor Ulitsky Towards Computational Prediction of MicroRNA Function and Activity Postdoctoral Associate, Whitehead Institute
Manuscript Byung-Jun Yoon Accurate and Reliable Cancer Classification Based on Probabilistic Inference of Pathway Activity Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University/Electrical&Computer Engineering
Manuscript Yue Zhao Inferring binding energies from selected binding sites Graduate Student, Washington University in St. Louis
Manuscript Sheng Zhong A biophysical model for analysis of transcription factor interaction, binding site arrangement and regulatory target genes from genome-wide binding data Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Manuscript Jun Zhu Characterizing dynamic changes in the Human blood transcriptional network Director, Sage Bionetwork
Oral Stein Aerts A transcriptional regulatory network for retinal differentiation in Drosophila. Group Leader, University of Leuven
Oral Uri David Akavia Conexic: A Bayesian framework to detect drivers and their function uncovers an endosomal signature in Melanoma Post Doc, Columbia University
Oral Gary Bader Peptide Recognition Domain (PRD) Specificity Prediction N/A, n/a
Oral Jeremy Bellay An efficient and exhaustive approach for modular decomposition of global genetic interaction networks Post-Doc Researcher, University of Minnesota
Oral Doron Betel Comprehensive modeling of microRNA targets: predicting functional non-conserved and non-canonical sites Research Fellow, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Oral Jonathan Bieler Modeling 3D Flies: reconstructing the drosophila segmentation network on the embryo geometry PhD, EPFL SV UPNAE
Oral Eugene Bolotin Integrated Approach for the Identification of Human HNF4α Target Genes Using Protein Binding Microarrays Graduate Researcher, University of California Riverside
Oral Elhanan Borenstein Super-Metabolism and Functional Capacity in Microbial Communities Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University
Oral Guillaume Bourque Extensive Binding Site Turnover in the Core Regulatory Network of Embryonic Stem Cells Senior Group Leader, Genome Institute of Singapore
Oral Michael Brodsky Identification and analysis of cis-regulatory regions based on pattern generating potential Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts Medical School
Oral Mark Brynildsen Metabolic strategies to enhance antibiotics action Postdoctoral Associate, HHMI/Biomedical Engineering, Boston University
Oral Andrej Bugrim Integrated analysis of genomic and proteomic data reveals key role of growth factor signaling network in prostate cancer cells Coo, GeneGo, Inc.
Oral Sarah Calvo Widespread translational repression by upstream open reading frames (uORFs): implications for human phenotypic variation and disease Computational Biologist, Broad Institute
Oral Diogo Camacho Decoding small RNA networks in bacteria Post-Doctoral Fellow, HHMI / BU
Oral Aedin Culhane Large Scale Gene Set Analysis of Stem Cell and Oncology Gene Expression Signatures Research Associate, Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Oral Yang Ding A Novel Algorithm for the Exact Calculation of Partition Function with respect to an Abstract Shape Graduate Student, Boston College
Oral Jason Ernst Genome-wide discovery and characterization of chromatin states from combinatorial patterns of epigenetic marks Postdoctoral Fellow, MIT
Oral Gang Fang Subspace Differential Coexpression Analysis for the Discovery of Disease-related Dysregulations PhD Student, University of Minnesota
Oral Andrew Gentles A pluripotency signature predicts histological transformation and influences survival in follicular lymphoma patients Research Associate, Stanford University
Oral Jesse Gray Widespread RNA polymerase II recruitment and transcription at enhancers during stimulus-dependent gene expression Postdoc, Harvard Medical School
Oral Francesco Iorio DRUg NETwork (DRUNET): a new and powerful approach to identify drug mode of action from gene expression profiles Student, Fondazione Telethon - TIGEM
Oral Raja Jothi Genomic analysis reveals a tight link between transcription factor dynamics and regulatory network architecture Principal Investigator, National Institutes of Health
Oral Pouya Kheradpour Regulatory motifs associated with TF binding and chromatin dynamics in Drosophila and Mammalian genomes Graduate Student, MIT
Oral Justin Kinney Regulatory physics from DNA sequence data Postdoc, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Oral Niels Klitgord Predicting synthetic environments that induce microbial cross-feeding PhD Student, BU Bioinformatics
Oral Antti Larjo Simulating combined chemotactic and metabolic response using a visual formalism Student, Tampere University of Technology
Oral Julia Lasserre TSS detection helps unfold promoters’ structure Post-Doc, MPI for Molecuar Genetics
Oral Celine Lefebvre A Human B Cell Interactome Identifies MYB and FOXM1 as Master Regulators of Proliferation in Germinal Centers Associate Research Scientist, Columbia University
Oral Manway Liu Gene Network Analysis of Diabetes Susceptibility Models Graduate Student, Boston University, BME
Oral Vebjorn Ljosa Large-scale learning of cellular phenotypes from images Computational Biologist, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
Oral Benjamin Logsdon Regulatory network reconstruction from genome-wide gene expression and genotype data Graduate Student, Cornell University
Oral Kenzie MacIsaac Novel methods for the discovery of condition specific master regulators of transcription Research Affiliate, MIT
Oral Daniel Marbach Revealing strengths and weaknesses of methods for gene network inference PhD Student, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne
Oral Cliff Meyer Inferring Key Transcriptional Regulators using H3K4me2 Marked Nucleosome Occupancy Data Research Scientist, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Oral Pieter Meysman Use of structural DNA properties for the prediction of regulator binding sites with conditional random fields PhD Student, K.U.Leuven
Oral Leonid Mirny Fundamentally different strategies of gene regulation in bacterial and eukaryotes Associate Professor, MIT
Oral Mattia Pelizzola Human DNA methylomes at single-base resolution reveal widespread cell-specific epigenetic signatures Postdoc, Salk Institute for Biological Studies
Oral Robert Prill Challenge 3: Predictive Signaling Network Modeling     Postdoc, IBM Research
Oral Elizabeth Rach The Landscape of Transcription Initiation in Drosophila: Linking Initiation Patterns to Distinct Core Promoter Motifs PhD Student, Duke University
Oral Arjun Raj Variability in gene expression underlies incomplete penetrance in C. elegans: using single molecules to study the development of single cells Postdoc, MIT
Oral Franck Rapaport Determining frequent patterns of copy number alterations in cancer Post-Doc, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Oral Sarah Richardson Automated Design of Assemblable, Modular, Synthetic Chromosomes Graduate Student, Johns Hopkins University
Oral Julio Saez-Rodriguez Discrete logic modeling to link pathway maps and functional analysis of mammalian signal transduction Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School & M.I.T.
Oral Tomer Shlomi Predicting Metabolic Engineering Knockout Strategies for Chemical Production: Accounting for Competing Pathways Lecturer, Technion
Oral Gustavo Stolovitzky Generating realistic benchmarks for gene network inference: the DREAM4 in silico network challenge    Manager, Functional Genomics And Systems Biology, IBM Research
Oral Tamir Tuller Reconstructing Ancestral Gene Content by Co-Evolution Post-Doc, Weizmann Institute of Science
Oral Andrei Turinsky Literature Curation of Protein Interactions: Discrepancies Across Major Public Databases Research Associate, Hospital for Sick Children
Oral Dennis Vitkup Systems Biology Analysis and Prediction of Human Disease Genes Professor, Columbia University
Oral Claes Wadelius Nucleosomes are positioned in exons and have histone marks suggesting co-transcriptional splicing Professor, Uppsala University
Oral Joel Wagner Crosstalk among receptor tyrosine kinases inferred from micro-Western phosphoproteomic arrays using Bayesian networks, ARACNe, and CLR Graduate Student, MIT
Oral Todd Wasson An Ensemble Model of Competitive Multi-factor Binding of the Genome Graduate Student, Duke University
Oral Damian Wojtowicz Genome-wide mapping and computational analysis of non-B DNA structures in vivo Visiting Fellow, National Institutes of Health, NLM/NCBI
Oral Zhi Xie Global Analysis of Human Protein-DNA Interactions for Annotated and Unconventional DNA-Binding Proteins Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Johns Hopkins University
Oral Guy Zinman New insights into cross-species conservation of functional data PhD Student, Carnegie Mellon University
Poster Phaedra Agius Learning compact models of DNA binding specificities for transcription factors from protein binding microarrays Research Fellow, MSKCC
Poster Kaisa-Leena Aho Gene expression profile of human adipose stem cells cultured in allogeneic human serum and fetal bovine serum Student, Tampere University of Technology
Poster Tommi Aho Reconstruction and Validation of RefRec: a Global Model for the Yeast Molecular Interaction Network Student, Tampere University of Technology
Poster Malika Aid DNA motif discovery approach adapted to ChIP-chip and ChIP-Seq data. PhD Student, IRIC Montreal University
Poster Tarmo Äijö Learning gene regulatory networks with delayed ODEs and continuous-time expression representation Student, Tampere University of Technology
Poster Fadhl Al-Akwaa SSBBN: Gene Regulatory Network Construction using Spectral Subtraction Denoising, Biclustering and Bayesian Network Student, CU
Poster Arnaud Amzallag Comparison of gene expression time courses between light entrained and temperature entrained drosophila flies reveal genes which peak two times a day. Collaborateur Scientifique, EPFL SV ISREC UPNAE
Poster Mochamad Apri How to analyze the robustness of biological models with oscillatory behavior? PhD, Biometris, Wageningen University
Poster Anastasia Baryshnikova The Genetic Landscape of a Cell PhD Student, University of Toronto
Poster Sarah Behrens Studying the evolution of promoters: a waiting time problem Postdoc in Computational Molecular Biology, Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics
Poster Vincenzo Belcastro CENTRO: A CoExpression NeTwoRk Omnibus for gene function and pathway discovery Student, Fondazione Telethon - TIGEM
Poster Richard Bonneau Comparative analysis of genomics data collections: Multi-species Integrative Biclustering Ast. Prof., New York University / Courant
Poster Christopher Bristow Exploring the CBP developmental time-course in Drosophila Post Doc, MIT
Poster Rogerio Candeias Temporal Dynamics of Regulatory Networks in Drosophila melanogaster Embryogenesis Grad Student, MIT
Poster Liran Carmel A universal nonmonotonic relationship between gene compactness and expression level in multicellular eukaryotes Senior Lecturer, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Poster Matthew Carson Investigating Co-regulation Networks Using Generative Models Graduate Student, UIC
Poster Luis Carvalho Applications of Centroid Estimation to Regulatory Genomics Professor, Boston University
Poster Betty Chang The intersect of mRNA, microRNA and protein dynamics upon down-regulation of Nanog in mouse embryonic stem cells Graduate Student, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Poster Li-Yun Chang In silico prediction for regulation of transcription factors on their shared target genes - The relevant molecular pathways for promoter use Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology/National Taiwan University
Poster Chaang-Ray Chen Empirical mode decomposition for time-series gene expression data de-noising and clustering Graduate Student, National Tsing Hua University
Poster Hyonho Chun Reverse Engineering of Gene Regulation Network from DREAM4 Data Post Doc, yale university
Poster Edward Clark Characterizing Artificial Chemistries Research Associate, university of york
Poster Neil Clarke A missing ingredient in the Pho4 paradigm? Evidence for Pho4/Cbf1 binding site competition Deputy Director, Genome Institute of Singapore
Poster Peter Clote RNA Structural Segmentation Professor, Boston College
Poster Kristen Cook Using ChIP seq to search for sequence determinants of binding of the S. cerevisiae transcription factor Sko1 PhD Candidate, Harvard University
Poster Elissa Cosgrove Accounting for dependency within mRNA expression compendia enables accurate FDR-based edge selection in transcriptional regulatory network inference Graduate Student, Boston University
Poster Michal Dabrowski Effects of motif and CNS multiplicity on gene expression in subspaces of conserved eigensystems following stroke and seizures Adiunkt, Nencki Institute
Poster Ertugrul Dalkic Distinct topological changes of the different cancer types PhD Student, MSU
Poster Matthew Davis Classification Trees Can Describe and Predict Conditional Transcription Factor Binding in vivo Doctoral Candidate, UC Berkeley
Poster Jacob Degner Effect of read-mapping biases on detecting allele-specific expression from RNA-sequencing data. Student, University of Chicago
Poster Raamesh Deshpande A scalable algorithm for discovering conserved active subnetworks across species Graduate Student, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Poster Piroska Devay Host factors involved in HCV replication Research Inverstigator Ii, Novartis
Poster Diego Di Bernardo Mathematical modeling of RNA interference Principal Investigator, Fondazione Telethon - TIGEM
Poster Amira Djebbari Refining gene signatures: A Bayesian approach Research Officer, National Research Council Canada
Poster Norbert Dojer Identification of cis-regulatory modules in homologous sequences Adiunkt, University of Warsaw
Poster Ivan Dotu Computing folding pathways between RNA secondary structures Visiting Researches, Boston College
Poster Jonathan Ellis Predikin: Combining Structure and Sequence Information to Predict Phosphorlyation Sites. Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Queensland
Poster Timo Erkkilä Incorporating spatial information of heterogeneous cell populations into Bayesian mRNA- and miRNA-expression analysis Researcher, Tampere University of Technology
Poster Xin Feng Genome-wide survey of D.melanogaster insulator proteins binding preferences in genes Student, Cold Spring Harbor Lab, Stony Brook University
Poster Charlie Frogner Learning recurrent mRNA expression patterns from systematic analysis of in-situ images of Drosophila embryos Graduate Student, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Poster Anthony Gitter Backup in gene regulatory networks explains differences between binding and knockout results Student, Carnegie Mellon University
Poster Gautam Goel Dynamic Flux Estimation – A novel framework for metabolic pathway analysis Research Fellow, Massachusetts General Hospital / CCIB
Poster Loyal Goff Genomic relationship between small RNAs and histone modifications revealed by next-generation sequencing of human embryonic stem cells. Postdoctoral Fellow, MIT/Broad
Poster Alex Greenfield Inferring Topology and Dynamical Properties of Genome-wide Regulatory Networks Graduate Student, New York University
Poster Yongtao Guan Sampling Bayesian Network with Fast Mixing MCMC Postdoc, University of Chicago
Poster Attila Gyenesei Functional Inference from a Genome-Wide in situ Hybridization Atlas of the Mouse Embryo Head Of The Finnish DNA Microarray Centre, Turku Centre for Biotechnology
Poster Tanwir Habib Aromatase inhibition in a transcriptional network context Research Scientist, US Army Corp of Engineers
Poster Brian Haynes Utilizing Global Constraints in Regulatory Network Inference Graduate Student, Washington University
Poster Martin Hemberg De novo detection of transcribed regions in mouse based on RNA-Seq Postdoc, Childrens Hospital Boston
Poster Ping Hou Integration of discrete and continuous, comparative and reconstruction-based dynamic modeling into gene network inference PhD Candidate, New Mexcio State University
Poster Peter Huggins Design of multiple hypothesis tests for microarray data Postdoctoral Fellow, Carnegie Mellon University
Poster Daniel Hurley Combining network inference algorithms reveals insights into cancer cell biology PhD Student, Auckland Bioengineering Institute
Poster Curtis Huttenhower Orthology-Based Functional Transfer in Microbial Communities  Assistant Professor, Harvard School of Public Health
Poster Valentin Ilyin Functional annotation with TOPOFIT-DB including non-sequential relations Associate Professor, Boston College
Poster Hosna Jabbari Novel thermodynamics-based algorithm for probe-specific position-dependent hybridization free energy Ph.D. Student, University of British Columbia
Poster Anders Jacobsen Genes up-regulated after microRNA perturbation have significant over-representation of the ARE motif UAUUUAU in the 3’UTR PhD Student, Copenhagen University
Poster In Sock Jang Simulation-based Perturbation Studies: Genome-Wide Cause and Effect predictions of mRNA Expression under Perturbation PhD Candidate, Columbia University
Poster Sungchul Ji Genes as molecular machines: Microarray Evidence for structural genes regulating their own transcripts Professor, Rutgers University
Poster Anagha Joshi Diverse aspects of posttranscriptional regulatory network analysis PhD Student, VIB-Gent University
Poster Irwin Jungreis A Computational Investigation of Widespread Stop Codon Readthrough in Drosophila Research Scientist, MIT
Poster Sabah Kadri Evolutionary role of microRNAs in developmental gene regulatory networks Graduate Student, Carnegie Mellon University
Poster Rosa Karlic Towards a Histone Code for Transcription PhD Student, Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics
Poster Soile Keränen On computational analysis of quantitative, 3D spatial expression in Drosophila blastoderm Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National laboratory
Poster Ah-Ram Kim When Two Plus Two Doesn't Equal Four: Modeling Non-Additive, Non-Modular Enhancer Behavior in the Drosophila melanogaster eve Promoter Graduate Student, Stony Brook University
Poster Chris King Structure-Based Prediction of Protein-Peptide Specificity in Rosetta: DREAM4 Challenge 1      Research Assistant / Graduate Student, University of Washington
Poster Virpi Kivinen Selection of an optimal set of blood biomarker proteins Student, Tampere University of Technology
Poster Jan Komorowski Local molecular interdependency networks underlying HIV-1 resistance to reverse transcriptase inhibitors Prof., Linaeus Centr for Bioinformatics
Poster Jay Konieczka Evolution of the High Osmolarity Glycerol (HOG) stress response network across Ascomycota fungi Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University/Broad Institute
Poster Roshan Kumar The Msx1 Homeoprotein Recruits Histone Methyltransferase Activities to Control the Expression of Target Genes in the Developing Limb Postdoctoral Associate, Whitehead Institute
Poster Deniz Kural Identification of Noncoding Motifs Under Selection in Coding Sequences PhD Student, Boston College
Poster Alexander Lachmann GATE: Grid Analysis for Time-Series Expression Systems Analyst, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Poster Riitta Lahesmaa SATB1 dictates expression of multiple genes including IL5 human involved in T helper cell differentiation Director, Professor, Turku Centre for Biotechnology
Poster Asta Laiho A Genome-Wide Association Scan for Identification of Genetic Control Elements of Beta Cell Autoimmunity Using Disease Subphenotypes as Outcomes Bioinformatics Research Engineer, University of Turku
Poster Sandro Lambeck Network inference by considering multiple objectives: Insights from in vivo data captured from a synthetic network PhD Student, Hans Knoell Institute
Poster Kirsti Laurila Protein-protein interactions improve multiple transcription factor binding site prediction Student, Tamepre University of Technology
Poster Hai-Son Le Distance functions for querying large, multi species, expression databases Graduate Student, Carnegie Mellon University
Poster Dongwon Lee Successful Enhancer Prediction from DNA Sequence Graduate Student, Johns Hopkins University
Poster Ho-Joon Lee Evolvability of the expression pattern of the Drosophila gap-gene system Post-Doc, Harvard Medical School
Poster Max Leiserson Inferring Fault Tolerance from E-MAP Data Student, Tufts University
Poster Jing Li Human Cancer Proteome Variation Database and Mutated Peptides Identification in Shotgun Proteomics Postdoc, Vanderbilt University
Poster Leping Li Identifying motifs using GADEM with a starting Principal Investigator, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
Poster Tien-ho Lin Modeling Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Disease Progression based on Gene and Protein Expression Ph.D. Student, Carnegie Mellon University
Poster Ying Liu A tri-partite clustering analysis on microRNA, gene and disease model Assistant Professor, The University of Texas at Dallas
Poster William Lorenz Rapid Estimation of RNA Kinetics Postdoctoral Fellow, Boston College
Poster Hong Lu A novel method to simulate genome-wide background noise and distinguish real binding sites from background noise Research Assistant, Iowa State Univ.
Poster Stefan Maas The RNA Editing Dataflow System (REDS) for the transcriptome-wide discovery of RNA modification sites Assistant Professor, Lehigh University
Poster Alasdair MacKenzie Life After Comparative Genomics; Regulatory Systems, Homeostasis, Synergy, SNPs and Disease. Reader, University of Aberdeen
Poster Shaun Mahony Chromatin state dynamics and the acquisition of rostrocaudal positional identity during retinoidinduced neurogenesis Postdoctoral Associate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Poster William Majoros Modeling the Evolution of Regulatory Elements by Simultaneous Detection and Alignment with PhyloPairHMMs Staff Scientist, Duke University
Poster Jessica Mar Identifying Cell Lineage-Specific Gene Expression Modules Postdoc, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Poster Kathleen Marchal De novo detection and qualification of regulatory motifs. Groupleader, KULeuven
Poster Debora Marks Small RNA regulation is driven by target concentration and   determined by more than binding site efficiency  Researcher, harvard
Poster Andre Martins Regulatory element identification with functional genomic covariates PhD Student, Cornell University
Poster Michael Mayo Hierarchical Model of Gas Exchange within the Acinar Airways of the Human Lung Research Physicist, US Army Corp of Engineers
Poster Amin Mazloom Linking MicroRNA and mRNA Co-Expressed Clusters to Regulatory Networks in Cancer Post Doctoral Fellow, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Poster Paul McGettigan Identification of epigenetic changes in the brain of a rat model of schizophrenia using FAIRE-seq Bioinformatician, University College Dublin
Poster Patrick Meyer Meta-Analysis in Transcriptional Network Inference Postdoc, Universite Libre de Bruxelles
Poster Magali Michaut Exploring the Monochromatic Landscape in Yeast using Genetic Interactions and Known Pathways Postdoc, University of Toronto
Poster Tom Michoel Enrichment and aggregation of topological motifs in integrated interaction networks Senior Researcher, VIB, Ghent University
Poster Martin Miller microRNAs preferentially target dosage-sensitive genes Research Fellow, cBio MSKCC
Poster Patrycja Missiuro Predicting Genetic Interactions in C. elegans using Machine Learning PhD Graduate, MIT Whitehead
Poster Nacho Molina Studying transcription bursts from modeling high temporal resolution gene expression dynamics with multi-layered Hidden Markov Models Post-Doc, EPFL SV ISREC UPNAE
Poster Evan Molinelli Models from experiments: combinatorial drug perturbations OF CANCER CELLS Graduate Student, Sloan Kettering Institute
Poster Melissa Morine Combined inter-organ transcriptomic and metabolic analysis reveals altered nutrient handling and novel nutrient-sensitive biomarkers of the metabolic syndrome PhD Student, University College Dublin
Poster Quaid Morris Using accessibility to predict RNA-binding protein targets Assistant Professor, University of Toronto
Poster Aylwin Ng Identifying uncharacterized genes and functional networks in human autophagy Research Fellow (Post-Doc), CCIB, MGH & Harvard
Poster Fiona Nielsen CATCHprofiles reveals nucleosome positioning of histone modifications PhD Student, CMBI, NCMLS
Poster Oaz Nir Data Integration for High-throughput Morphological and Transcriptional Genetic Screens HST/Math, MIT
Poster Pavel Novichkov The automatic selection of TFBS score threshold in comparative genomics approach. Bioinformaticist Project Senior, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Poster Peter O'Callaghan Modeling Cellular Processes Underpinning Recombinant Monoclonal Antibody Production by Mammalian Cells Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Sheffield
Poster Gaurav Pandey An Association Analysis Approach to Biclustering PhD Candidate, University of Minnesota
Poster Bernardo Pando Adaptation of a synthetic gene circuit through diverse evolutionary paths Graduate Student, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Poster Larry Parnell Network analysis of gene-diet interactions for obesity Computational Biologist, JM-USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging
Poster Matias Piipari 0BInference and validation of a large cis regulatory motif set using whole-genome Saccharomyces resequencing data Graduate Student, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
Poster Roger Pique-Regi Genome-wide identification of Transcription Factor Binding Sites using DNase-seq footprints and other annotations Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Chicago
Poster Paz Polak Large differences in transcription associated strand asymmetries of substitution patterns across metazoans PhD Student, Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics
Poster Daniel Pollard Unraveling of an ancient regulatory pathway: RNAi insensitivity in the germline of C. elegans Postdoc, New York University
Poster Shuye Pu Prediction of Chromatin Modification (CM)-related Functional Domains and Genes in Human Project Manager, The Hospital for Sick Children
Poster Kirsi Rautajoki ESTOOLSDB – a comprehensive database for stem cell research Senior Researcher, Tampere University of Technology
Poster Erzsébet Ravasz Regan NF-kB and Forkhead – partners and opponents Instructor Of Medicine, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Poster Pradipta Ray Discriminating functionality by kernel clustering k-mers in the regulatory genome Graduate Student, Carnegie Mellon University
Poster Jüri Reimand Generalised linear models of transcriptional regulation to predict process-specific factors in Saccharomyces cerevisiae PhD Fellow, University of Tartu
Poster Dietmar Rieder Spatial association of multiple coordinately expressed but functionaly unrelated genes during cell differentiation Doctor, Graz University of Technology
Poster Nicolas Robine piRNA production in a Drosophila ovary cell line Postdoc, Sloan Kettering Institute
Poster Dmitry Rodionov Comparative genomic reconstruction of transcriptional regulons in the Streptococcus genus     Postdoctoral Researcher, Institute for Information Transmission Problems, Russian Academy of Sciences
Poster Stefano Rossetti Epigenetic silencing of a tumor suppressor network unmasks the dual face of master cell signals Post Doc, Roswell Park Cancer Institute
Poster Sushmita Roy Learning probabilistic networks of condition-specific response: Digging deep in yeast stationary phase Postdoc, UNM
Poster Giovanni Russo Global Entrainment of Transcriptional Systems to Periodic Inputs PhD Student, University of Naples Federico II
Poster Debashis Sahoo Discovery of a branchpoint between B cell and T cell development using MiDReG Instructor, Stanford University
Poster Ana Paula Sales Bayesian Nonparametric Clustering of Temporal Gene Expression: A Case Study of Dendritic Cells Modulation of the Immune Response Graduate Student, Duke University
Poster Sebastian Schultheiss Identifying Gene Regulatory Modules with Support Vector Machine Kernel Graduate Student, Friedrich Miescher Laboratory of the Max Planck Society
Poster Gerald Schwank Organ growth control – from classical genetics to a systems level approach Scientist, University of Zurich
Poster Rachel Sealfon Supervised learning approaches to predicting enhancer regions and transcription factor binding sites in D. melanogaster Graduate Student, MIT
Poster Kumar Selvarajoo Evidence for simple governing rules in complex biological networks Asst Professor, Keio University
Poster Xiling Shen Hybrid modeling and robustness analysis of Caulobacter cell cycle regulatory network Assistant Professor, Cornell University
Poster Zhen Shao Prediction of Polycomb target genes in mouse embryonic stem cells Post-Doc, Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Poster Ron Skupsky Integration site of the HIV promoter primarily modulates transcriptional burst size, rather than frequency Postdoc/Scientist, UC Berkeley
Poster Preethi Srinivasan Large-scale comparative analysis of RNA structures by TOPOFIT Student, Boston College
Poster Valerie Storms The Effect of Orthology and Coregulation on Detecting Regulatory Motifs PhD Student, KULeuven
Poster Aarathi Sugathan Global DNase Hypersensitivity Mapping Reveals Growth Hormone (GH)-regulated Sex Differences in Mouse Liver Chromatin Structure Graduate Student, Boston University
Poster Leila Taher Function conservation in diverged noncoding elements Visiting Fellow, NCBI/NLM/NIH
Poster Shang-Kai Tai Genome-wide expression of the electron transfer genes of Shewanella oneidensis reveals transcriptive association with chemotaxis Postdoctoral Fellow, Academia Sinica
Poster Ronald Taylor Optimizing GO-based similarity for stroke pathologies using networks reverse-engineered from gene expression data Research Scientist, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Poster Hans-Juergen Thiesen Computational analysis of KRAB ZNF protein expression signatures derived from the Proteinatlas database Director, Institute of Immunology
Poster Kun-Nan Tsai The integrated pathway and proteomic resources for identifying the potential colorectal cancer biomarkers Postdoctoral Fellow, Research Center for Emerging Viral Infections
Poster Amit Upadhyay PPi module for visualization and analysis of protein-protein interfaces in Friend. Student, Boston College
Poster Vladimir Vacic Estimating significance of CNV-pathway associations in schizophrenia Post-Doctoral Fellow, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Poster Francesco Vallania SPLINTER: detection of rare regulatory variants using a large deviation theory approach Graduate Student, Washington University in Saint Louis
Poster Simon Van Mourik Continuous-time modeling of cell fate determination in Arabidopsis flowers Postdoc, Wageningen University
Poster Benjamin VanderSluis Redundancy and asymmetric divergence of paralogs from genome-wide analysis of genetic interactions Graduate Student, University of Minnesota
Poster Fabio Vandin Identification of Significantly Mutated Pathways in Cancer Ph.D. Student, University of Padova
Poster Eric Venner Networks of Evolutionary Template Matches for Prediction of Enzymatic Function Graduate Student, Baylor College of Medecine
Poster Vanessa Vermeirssen Composite network motifs in integrated metazoan gene regulatory networks Post-Doc, VIB-Ghent University
Poster Basilio Vescio Automatic Generation of In-Silico Biological Networks: a Cellular Automata Approach. Ph.D. Student, Magna Graecia University of Catanzaro
Poster Yedael Waldman TP53 cancerous mutations exhibit selection for translation efficiency PhD Student, Tel Aviv University
Poster Xiao Wang Bottom-up Engineering of Synthetic Gene Networks Research Associate, Boston University
Poster Xuewei Wang Reconstructing Gene Cooperation Network of Lipotoxicity by Synergy Analysis Research Associate, Michigan State University
Poster James Wetmur Stochastic modeling for loss of imprinted mRNA expression with transcriptional pulsing Professor, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Poster James White Microbial interaction web inference using metagenomic data PhD Candidate, University of Maryland - College Park
Poster Dana Wohlbach Identification of genomic features novel to xylose-fermenting yeasts through comparative analyses of Pichia stipitis, Candida tenuis, and Spathaspora passalidarum Research Associate, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Poster Kyoung Jae Won Genome-wide prediction of transcription factor binding sites using chromatin modification Postdoc, UCSD
Poster Eric Wooten Network Based Analysis Identifies AXIN1/PDIA2 and Endoglin Haplotypes Associated with Bicuspid Aortic Valve in a European Cohort Postdoctoral Fellow, Tufts Medical Center
Poster Chang-Jiun Wu Phosphopeptide-based signatures accurately predict the response of NSCLC cell lines to tyrosine kinase inhibitors Postdoctoral Fellow, Biomedical Engineering, Boston University
Poster Ming Wu A dynamic analysis of the integrated control in the hepatic insulin signaling Student, Michigan State University
Poster Yurong Xin Epigenetic Profiling of Human Brain Development Postdoc, Columbia University
Poster Qinghong Yan Structural and Regulatory Evolution of Electrophysiological Systems Graduate Student, Stony Brook University
Poster Chen-Hsiang Yeang An integrated analysis of molecular aberrations in cancer Assistant Research Fellow, Academia Sinica
Poster Antti Ylipää Association of genetic features with pathways using multiple high-throughput data Student, Tampere University of Technology
Poster Jiyang Yu Inferring Master Regulators of Glucocorticoid-Resistance in T-ALL PhD Student, Columbia University
Poster Alon Zaslaver Metazoan operons accelerate transcription and recovery rates Postdoc, Caltech
Poster Chaoyang Zhang Bayesian Learning and Optimization Approaches to Learning Gene Regulatory Networks Associate Professor, University of Southern Mississippi
Poster Xiuwei Zhang A probabilistic phylogenetic model to improve regulatory network inference PhD Student, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Poster Jie Zheng Computational Modeling of Crosstalk in Cancer Signaling Networks Postdoc, NCBI/NLM/NIH
Poster Xu Zhou Determinants of Transcription Factor Binding and Regulation Graduate Student, Harvard University