The 4th Annual RECOMB Satellite on Regulatory Genomics will be held in the Boston Area, at MIT, jointly organized by the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, and the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL).
The meeting starts at 5pm on Thursday October 11, 2007, and runs till 3pm on Saturday October 13, 2007.

The meeting will consist of keynote presentations, oral presentations selected from submitted 1-page abstracts, and three poster sessions, also selected from submitted abstracts. Conference proceedings do not constitute a journal publication, all talks will be treated as personal communications, and authors reserve the right to submit their work elsewhere for publication.

The goal of the meeting is to bring together computational and experimental scientists in the area of regulatory genomics, to discuss current research directions, latest findings, and establish new collaborations towards a systems-level understanding of gene regulation.

Organizing committee: Martha Bulyk, Eleazar Eskin, Manolis Kellis, Eran Segal.
Email contact: recombsat@mit.edu.

Keynote Speakers:

David Bartel - Whitehead Institute
Ewan Birney - Sanger/EBI
George Church - Harvard University
Jim Collins - Boston University
Michael Eisen - LBNL
Nir Friedman - Hebrew University
Trey Ideker - UC San Diego
Michael Levine - UC Berkeley
Erin O'Shea - Harvard University

Meeting summary (written after the meeting)

The meeting was a great success, with 230 people attending from 10 countries in 4 continents. The scientific program represented some of the most active and successful labs in gene regulation from around the world, and brought together computational and experimental scientists in the area of regulatory genomics.

The 9 keynotes, 27 talks and 53 posters presented covered an impressive breadth of subjects in gene regulation, including regulatory network modeling, motif discovery and evolution, RNA-mediated regulation, development and cell state specification, personal genomics, systems biology, and synthetic biology.

All attendees received an abstract book with all keynote, oral, and poster abstracts. Cateriing was provided for the entire length of the meeting. The posters were available for viewing for all three days, including during three designated poster sessions.

Program Information

Topic areas:

Venue Information

MIT is located in Cambridge MA near the waterfront of the Charles River, overlooking downtown Boston (aerial view).
The conference will be at the corner of Main Street and Vassar St, the new biotech corner of MIT, at the Broad Institute Auditorium.


Two local hotels have offered us conference rates:

To find other hotels in the area, visit: http://maps.google.com/maps?q=hotel&near=02139

Parking Information

Parking for the conference can be found in one of four parking lots, open 24 hours, with rates: 1 hour $8, 1-3 hours $15, 3-24 hours $20.
(1) 4 Cambridge Center - Entrance on Ames St. or Broadway - 617-225-0830
(2) 5 Cambridge Center, East Garage - Ames St./Broadway
(3) 7 Cambridge Center, West Garage - Ames St./Galileo Way
(4) 10 Cambridge Center, North Garage - Binney St. off Broadway - 617-621-3115

In addition, after 3pm and on weekends, visitors can park for free at:
(5) East lot, Outdoors, across from the Broad Institute.

For more information visit: http://web.mit.edu/facilities/transportation/parking/visitors/public_parking.html

Previous RECOMB Regulatory Genomics (RRG) Meetings

RRG04 was held in conjunction with RECOMB in San Diego
RRG05 was held with Systems Biology Satellite at UCSD
RRG06 was held at the National University of Singapore
RRG07 will held at MIT on October 11-13, 2007

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